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Diploma Admission 2017 -

Bangladesh Technical Education Board Published the Admission circular for the SSC passed students. They can apply for the Diploma Education Online By following some steps. In this post, we are sharing with the latest Admission Circular of Diploma Education 2017. Diploma Admission 2017 is totally an Online System that is developed by BUET. Now we are showing you the way for apply in

Diploma Admission 2017

Recently Bangladesh Technical Education Board Published an Admission circular on You can check the circular below.

Polytechnic Admission 2017-2018

  • Online Application Start: 22 May 2017
  • Online Application End: 14 June 2017
  • 1st Shift & 2nd Shift Result: 20 June 2017
  • Admission Date: 21 June 2017 to 30 June 2017
  • Waiting List Admission: 03 July 2017 to 15 July 2017
  • Class Start: 1 August 2017

Diploma Admission Process 2017

Bangladesh Technical Education Board published the Diploma Admission process on their website. Now we are showing you all the process for applying in Diploma Engineering Education in Bangladesh.

To apply for Diploma Admission you need some information to do this process. First of all, you need a Teletalk SIM card. BTEB will charge you 150/- Taka for each shift and 300/- Taka for First & Second Shift. You have to pay the money through the Teletalk SIM. Now we are showing about it.

  1. Go to your message option
  2. Then Type "BTAD"
  3. Hit the space button and type your Board First three letters "DHA"
  4. Hit the space bar and type "SSC Roll NO"
  5. Hit the space button and type "Passing Year"
  6. Hit the space button and type "Registration NO"
  7. Hit the space button and type "A/B/C"
  8. Then send it to "16222" number
Example: BTAD DHA 115256 2017 1256523 C and Send to 16222

After sending this message, you will get a PIN Number. Follow this method for the final step.

  • Type "BTAD"
  • Hit Space and Type "YES"
  • Hit space and Type "PIN Number" 
  • Hit space and type "Contact Number"
  • And send it to "16222" number
Example: BTAD YES 145236 01782222222 and send to 16222

For apply in the online you need to choose the Institute in online application form. Now we are going to share with the method for applying in the Online for "Diploma Admission 2017"

  • First, go to
  • Click On Polytechnic Admission
  • Type your Roll No
  • Select your Education Board
  • Select passing year
  • Type your Registration No
  • Then click "Next" button
After completing this method, you need to choose the Polytechnic Institute for "Diploma Admission 2017 BD"

Polytechnic Admission 2017 -

Polytechnic Admission Circular 2017-2018 has been published on 11 May 2017 at All the SSC Passed students can apply for the Diploma Education by this process. Students can apply for Diploma Education by SMS and Online Application. In this post, we will show you all the process the Polytechnic Diploma Admission 2017. We hope that you will be helpful by following the process below.
Polytechnic Admission 2017 -  -

Diploma Admission 2017-2018

Bangladesh Technical Education Board published a circular on their website for the Diploma education. All the application will be processed by the online system. For doing an application on Polytechnic Admission 2017, you need some information. Now we are showing you the essential information for polytechnic admission 2017-2018
  • Online Application Will Start: 22/05/2017
  • Online Application Will End: 26/06/2017
  • First Merit List Result:
  • Second Merit List Result:

Eligibility for Polytechnic Admission 2017

Government Diploma Course eligibility: Students must have GPA 3.50 out of GPA 5.00 and must need GPA 3.00 in Mathematics or Higher Mathematics in SSC, Dakhil and Vocational Examination of 2015, 2016, 2017

Non-Government Diploma Course eligibility: Students must have GPA 2.50 out of GPA 5.00 in SSC, Dakhil and Vocational Examination of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 203, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

Diploma Polytechnic Admission Circular 2017

Examination for Polytechnic Admission 2017

In this year “No Examination” will be held for the Diploma Engineering course. Students will get admitted in the institute for their SSC, Dakhil and Vocational Examination results. All the process will be handled by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board authority.

Polytechnic Admission 2017 Process

There are Two (2) shifts in a Polytechnic Institute, each shift can carry about 60 students. Every year a lot of students are admitted in two different shifts. For applying in the Diploma Engineering Admission 2017, you need some information. You need a Teletalk SIM to paying the fees for this admission process. Now we are briefing about all the process to apply for Polytechnic Admission 2017. We hope that you will understand.

o You have to pay 150/- Taka for Online Application (1st Shift)

o For 2nd Shift Admission, you need 150/- Taka

o The Government Application Fees is 150/- Taka Only

o Non-Government Institute Application Fees is 235/- Taka Only

o You need a recent Passport Size image for this process.

o You can choose 10 Polytechnic Institute for 1st Shift

o And You can also choose 10 Polytechnic Institute for 2nd Shift

o After submitting the Application you will get a confirmation SMS in mobile.

Polytechnic Admission Result 2017

After completing all the process on online, you will get a confirmation SMS on your mobile and also get a Printable paper that shows your desired Institute. After finishing the application through the process, BTEB will review your application and give you a result on the website. We know that you are worried about your Diploma Polytechnic Admission Result 2017 Bangladesh. Please don’t worry, we are now sharing you the process for getting the result easily.

o First, go to

o Then go to “Diploma Section”

o In the desired page you will get box which is asking you the “Tracking NO”

o After paying money to the BTEB, they will give you a Tracking No

o Then submit your Tracking number in the black box

o Hit the Submit button

o Enjoy your Result!

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Bangladesh All Polytechnic List 2017

There is a large number of Institute in our country under Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). Every year a lot of students are passing from this board. The study period of BTEB was started from class 9, students can get involved themselves from class 9 in any Technical School (Vocational). After passing the SSC or Vocational Study they are getting ready for Diploma Education. This Diploma Education period is for 4 Years. After passing the Diploma studies, students can read in the University for their Graduation certificate or they can apply for any job in engineering sectors. There are many Polytechnic Institute, Engineering College, and Technical School & College in our country.
Bangladesh All Polytechnic List 2017 -

Govt. Polytechnic Institute in Bangladesh

There are about 49 Government Polytechnic Institute in Bangladesh. All the institute are going under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). In Every institute, there are a lot of students are studying there for a better career. Every Govt. institute contain many Engineering departments. They are Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Power Technology, Telecommunication Engineering, Food Engineering, Glass & Ceramics Engineering, Survey, Fisheries, Livestock’s etc. Today in this article we are sharing all the Govt. Polytechnic List, Engineering College List, and Technical School & College List for your need. So let’s start.

Polytechnic Institute of Bangladesh

1. Bangladesh Institute of Glass & Ceramic, Tejgaon, Dhaka.

2. Bangladesh College of Leather Technology, Hazaribug, Dhaka.

3. Bangladesh Servey Institute, Rammala, Comilla.

4. Bangladesh-Sweeden Polytechnic Institute, Kaptai, Rangamati

5. Barguna Polytechnic Institute, Potkhakhali, Dhalua, Barguna.

6. Barisal Polytechnic Institute, Alekanda,

7. Bhola Polytechnic Institute, Burhanuddin, Bhola.

8. Bogra Polytechnic Institute, Bogra.

9. Brahmanbaria Polytechnic Institute, Islampur, Brahmanbaria.

10. College of Textile Technology, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1208

11. Chandpur Polytechnic Institute, Kachua, Chandpur.

12. Chapinawabganj Polytechnic Institute, Chapinawabganj.

13. Chittagong Mohila Polytechnic Institute, Uttar Halisaher, Chittagong.

14. Chittagong Polytechnic Institute, Nasirabad, Chittagong.

15. Comilla Polytechnic Institute, Kotbari, Comilla

16. Cox's Bazar Polytechnic Institute, Jhilaya, Cox Bazar.

17. Dhaka Polytechnic Institute, Tejgaon Idustrial area, Dhaka

18. Dinajpur Polytechnic Institute, Dinajpur.

19. Faridpur Polytechnic Institute, Baitul Aman, Faridpur

20. Feni Computer Institute , New Ranirhat, Feni.

21. Feni Polytechnic Institute, Malipur, Feni.

22. Gopalganj Polytechnic Institute, Chandradigalia, Gopalganj.

23. Grafic Arts Institute, Satmasjid Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

24. Habigonj Polytechnic Institute, Gophya, Habigonj.

25. Jessore Polytechnic Institute, Jessore.

26. Jhenidah Polytechnic Institute, Jhenidah.

27. Khulna Mohila Polytechnic Institute, Khalispur I/A, Khulna.

28. Khulna Polytechnic Institute, Khalispur I/A, Khulna.

29. Kishorganj Polytechnic Institute, Kishorganj.

30. Kurigram Polytechnic Institute, Kurigram.

31. Kushtia Polytechnic Institute, Aruapara, Kushtia.

32. Lakshimpur Polytechnic Institute, Lakshimpur.

33. Magura Polytechnic Institute, Magura.

34. Mohila Polytechnic Institute, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Agargaon, Dhaka.

35. Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute, Mirkadim, Munshiganj.

36. Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute, Maskanda, Mymensingh.

37. Naogaon Polytechnic Institute, Naogaon.

38. Narshindi Polytechnic Institute, Police Line, Narshindi.

39. Pabna Polytechnic Institute, Pabna.

40. Patuakhali Polytechnic Institute, Patuakhali.

41. Rajshahi Mohila Polytechnic Institute, Nawdapara bypass road, Rajshahi.

42. Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute, Sapura, Rajshahi.

43. Rangpur Polytechnic Institute, Jumma Para, Rangpur.

44. Satkhira Polytechnic Institute, Satkhira.

45. Shariatpur Polytechnic Institute, Burirhat, Shariatpur.

46. Sherpur Polytechnic Institute, Bhatshala, Sherpur.

47. Sirajgonj Polytechnic Institute, Fakirtala, Sirajgonj.

48. Sylhet Polytechnic Institute, Barai Kandi, Sylhet.

49. Tangail Polytechnic Institute, Deola, Tangail

50. Thakurgaon Polytechnic Institute, Thakurgaon.

51. Technical Teachers Training College, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1208

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Computer Essay Writing

Today we will share with important topics. In this website, we are sharing essential Essay Writing for you. In this article, we are sharing with you Computer Essay Writing. We hope that by reading this essay, you will be learned many things about a computer. We know that computer is the most powerful machine today around the world. So let's started.
Computer Essay Writing -
Introduction: From the beginning of man’s civilization man has been advancing towards a perfection through newer inventions and discoveries. But the only modern invention which has exceeded the excellence of all other inventions of man in all ages is the computer. It is said that now we live in the computer age.

What a computer is: The literal meaning of the world computer is an instrument that computers or do various calculations. Fundamentally it is a calculating machine. It can perform various calculations like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and soon. In fact, it can receive innumerable data and instructions and perform thousands of calculations within seconds and then give the results. Apart from doing mathematical calculations, a computer has surprising capabilities of manipulating the input instructions. The work which a man would otherwise do in thousands of days is done by the computer within minutes or hours. 

How and when it was invented: The modern computer is a very modern electronics instrument. But in the primary phase of its evolution, it was not so. It has a history of its evolution. In 1643 the French mathematician B. Pascal invented the mechanical calculating machine for performing some arithmetical calculations. In 1671 Lebanese and In 1812 Charles Babbage invented two improved models of mechanical computers. The first electro-mechanical computer made jointly by the Harvard University and the IBM Company in 1944. At the last electronic computer came into existence I 1946. However, the major improvements in the computer technology were possible only after 1971. At present, there have been unimaginable improvements in this technology.

Structure/Components: A computer has two main aspects: The hardware and the Software. The hardware is the machine itself, and the software is a combination of various symbolic instructions or codes, better known as a computer language. It has some components as input devices, The CPU or the Central Processing Unit, and the output devices. The input devices receive instructions in codes which are similar to human language. The hardware can be thought of as the skeleton and the software, the flesh and blood- if the whole computers were to be imagined of as a human being. The software or the programs virtually help the hardware function the way the user wants it to. The programs are two types one is the operating system and other the other, the applications program. The operating system coordinates various functions of the hardware as well as activities the applications programs. The applications programs, on the other hand, perform mathematical calculations. The whole system of the computer is the combination of these programs and hardware systems. 

The computer program: The coded set of instructions that are stored in the memory of the computer for performing various calculations is called the computer program. A computer uses the binary method for its internal calculations. The compiler of the applications programs translates into the computer language codes any instruction given to it by the user.

Types of Computer: The computer can be classified according to its size speed, and internal structure. We can base on these criteria of classification, identify various types of computers such as the supercomputer, the mainframe computer, the mini-computer, and the micro-computer. The form and shape or size of computers may vary, but in each of the cases, the main working principle or method is the same for all types of computers.

Computer and the modern civilization: The computer is perhaps the strongest gift of science. It is helping us in business, research, management and administration, and virtually in all fields of the modern life. Its importance is so great that if it were taken out from men’s civilization, the entire process of civilization would come to a standstill. To speak more specifically, the computer has proved to be the best aid to our thinking processes, printing, translation, research in the laboratory and in the field and what not. In a word, the computer has increased the speed of the advance of civilization. Now we can hardly think of any tough task without it.

Conclusion: Computer has come to our country with immense possibilities too. Now it is giving its blessed touch in almost every spare of life. But the general people are completely ignorant of the magic power and potential of this small machine. Therefore, if it can be familiarized to the general people at large, we will get more and more utility from it.

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Top 10 University of Bangladesh

Top 10 University of Bangladesh!Today we will share with an amazing news about our Higher Education Institution in Bangladesh. Most of the students of Bangladesh are getting ready themselves for a Public University. In this article we will show you the top repudiated University in Bangladesh. Our student’s life was starting from the class of 1. From the beginning we have selected a Goal of our life.

Most of students wants to be a Doctor, Engineer, Businessman, Teacher, Pilot, Scientist and other. For our higher study we have decided to get admitted into a High repudiated University for better career. To get admitting in a Public University of Bangladesh we have to passed Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination. After passing those examination you can apply for Higher Education. Today we will share with you the top ranked University in Bangladesh. Hope this article will help you to ensure the best University for you.

Top 10 Ranked University in Bangladesh

In this article we are showing you the top level universities in Bangladesh 2017. So read this post carefully.

1. University of Dhaka

Dhaka University is the largest university of Bangladesh. It was established on 1921. The area of this university is too big. Every year a lot of students are admitting in this university by testing their knowledge in admission examination. A large number of students are graduating every year from this university. It is the country’s largest and well repudiates University.

  • Location: Registrar Building, Nilkhet Road, 1000, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • ESTD: 1921
  • Official Website: 
  • E-mail: 
  • Phone No: +880 2-9661900

2.Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology

It is the largest Engineering University in Bangladesh. All the talent and legend students are getting admitted in this university. The students of Bangladesh who wants to be an Engineer have the first choice to BUET. The BUET’N are doing a great job around the world and gaining honor for Bangladesh.

  • Location: Zahir Raihan Rd, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh
  • ESTD: 1962
  • Official Website:
  • Phone No: +880 2-55167100

3.Rajshahi University

Rajshahi University is the most popular university in Bangladesh. It is located outside the Dhaka. The university is located on Rajshahi Division. From the area it is the second largest university in our country. There are more subject in this university. Students are shinning their future from the university

  • Location: Rajshahi - Dhaka Hwy, Rajshahi 6205, Bangladesh
  • ESTD: 1953
  • Official Website:
  • E-mail: 
  • Phone No: +880 721-750244

4.BRAC University

BRAC University is the largest Private University in Bangladesh. The university in located at Dhaka Division. From the education purposes every year a large number of students are get involved with this university. In this University all the system are fully automated. All the class room and other sections are fully high decorated and unique.

  • Location: BRAC University UB01, 66 Bir Uttam AK Khandakar Road, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
  • ESTD: 2001
  • Official Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Phone No: +880-2-9844051-4

5.North South University

It is the other largest private university in Bangladesh. Most if the students of this university are much talented and real living. The academic education of this university is so good. They are building their reputation from the year of 1992. They have already crossed their 25 years of success. Even in this day they are leading a high quality education to the students for their bright future.

  • Location: Plot # 15, Block # B, Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh
  • ESTD: 1992
  • Official Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Phone No: +880 2-55668200

6.University of Chittagong

Chittagong University is the largest university in the Chittagong Division. Even it is the most popular university in Bangladesh. The university is surrounding with the hill and a feeling of green natures. Every year a lot of students are preparing themselves for this university. Student must give admission for admitted in this university. Day by day this university is growing from the other.

  • Location: Chittagong University Rd, Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • ESTD: 1966
  • Official Website:
  • Phone No: +880 1819-979279

7.American International University of Bangladesh

American International University of Bangladesh is one of high repudiated university in Bangladesh. In this university students are getting admitted for Engineering Education, Business Education and other. This university is totally handled from USA. All the students from this university get opportunities for more higher education in the European Country. It is developing day by day from the other universities in Bangladesh.

  • Location: 58/b Rd No 21, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh
  • ESTD: 1995
  • Official Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Phone No: +880 2-8815386

8.Daffodil International University

Daffodil International University is growing day by day. From the beginning all the department of this university id fully well established. This university is located on Dhaka Division. It is also a large private university in Bangladesh. There are various department in this university for Higher education. Every year students are involving with this university and give honor to our Bangladesh around the world.

  • Location: 102 Mirpur Rd, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh
  • ESTD: 2002
  • Official Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Phone No: +880 1950-375083

9.Bangladesh Agricultural University

Bangladesh Agricultural University is the first growing agricultural university in Bangladesh. This university is located on Mymensingh Division. It is also a large public university in Bangladesh. Students are getting admitted in this university for various department in every year. All the students are doing a great job for our Agriculture field.

  • Location: BAU Main Rd, Mymensingh 2202, Bangladesh
  • ESTD: 1961
  • Official Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Phone No: +880 91-67402

10.Jahangirnagar University

Jahangirnagar University is located on Dhaka Division. The university was founded before the Liberation war of Bangladesh. The university is located on Savar, Dhaka. The beauty of this university is just cheering. The area of this university is too big. Now day this university is growing very rapidly. The students from this universities are doing a good job for our country. They are making new Innovation and Idea for our country. Hope they will do well for us.

  • Location: Savar - Manikganj Highway, Dhaka 1342, Bangladesh
  • ESTD: 1970
  • Official Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Phone No: 880-2-7791045-51

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A Village Fair HSC Composition Writing

Dear visitors, How are you? Today we will share with important topics. If you are an HSC examinee and also looking for High-Quality Composition writing, this article is only for you. Today we will share Two Composition "A Village Fair" and "My Visit to a Village Fair" We hope it will be helpful for you.

A Village fair HSC Composition Writing

Introduction: A village fair is a large gathering of men, women, and children on a particular occasion. It is like a mirror that reflects the emblem of rural life. It brings a change in the monotonous life of the villagers. People of all ages especially the children’s eagerly wait for this happy occasion.

Causes of Rainfall: A village fair is usually taking place once a year either on the first or the last date of Bengali year or on the occasion of some religious or, national festival. It is generally held on the bank of the river or in the front of a Temple or a Dargah or under a spreading Banyan tree.

Main Features of the Season: A village fair is an exhibition of the village products. The people of different professions living in the village, such as potters, carpenters, blacksmith, weavers etc. bring their own handmade products for display and sale. Different kind of fancy goods such as toys, whistles, combs, hair pins, cosmetics, looking glasses, earthen wares, balloons etc. are brought to the fair for sale. Various kinds of decorated and painted articles of wood, bamboo, and cane are found in the fair. Besides these, verities of sweets and seasonal fruits are also available here. Everybody busy things after his own taste and choice.

Advantages & Disadvantages of It: Some special arrangements are made in the fair to attract and amuse the people. Circus, Magic shows, Jatra and Jernigan are the main attraction of them. Merry-go-rounds, puppet shows, and mock fights are some other special attractions. A village fair appears before the villagers with all opportunities life. In fact, the village fair has not outlived its utility now. It is a part of our cultural life.

Check HSC Result 2017

My Visit To A fair HSC Composition Writing

Every year a fair is held near our village. The fair is held on the occasion of an annual cattle show. The ministry of Livestock arranges this cattle show. In this fair, cattle from all the corners of the adjacent area brought area are brought by their owners. The cattle of the best breeds are brought there. People in large numbers come to the fair to see the variety of animals and to enjoy the fair. Cows, buffaloes, bulls, oxen and other animals are brought by their masters.

As this fair attracts the people from all the neighboring villages, many other items of public interest are also displayed there. When I reached there, I noticed many things. First of all, there was a bazaar, where shopkeepers were selling articles of daily use. At one corner, there was sitting a juggler. The juggler was amusing people with his clever tricks.

As I moved further, I saw a merry-go-round. There was a great rush of people. Then I moved to another side. Here there were wrestling bouts. The renowned wrestlers of the adjoining areas come here to participate in the wrestling. It was an interesting scene to see them tugging, pushing and grappling with each other. After seeing it for some time I moved away.

From the distance, I saw a circle of people. When I came near it, I saw a snake-charmer surrounded by spectators. The snake charmer was playing on his flute. Before his flute were dancing some serpents. The serpents seemed to me completely hypnotized by the sweet sound of the flute.

The fair was arranged on a grand scale. Many people had come to buy and sell their cattle. Many farmers brought bulls of good breed. I enjoyed this fair very much. It was an experience for me to see this fair. In the evening the rash began to disappear. After going through the whole fair. I also made my way to home in the evening. I felt very tired on that day, but I enjoyed this delightful fair to my heart’s content.

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HSC Result 2017 All Education Board Bangladesh

Dear visitor, Are you looking for HSC Result 2017? Don’t worry, in this article, we will show you “How to get HSC Result 2017 Bangladesh” You can check your HSC result from Bangladesh education Board Website Most probably the exam result will be published on 9th August 2017. Every year a lot of students are participating in HSC examination. From our website, you can easily check your results. So let's started.

HSC Result 2017

Bangladesh Education Board authority will publish the Higher Secondary certificate Exam Result 2017 on 9th August 2017. Student's can check their results from the official website of education board ( After 2:00 PM the result publishing authority will publish results on the website. You can check your result by Three different methods. To get HSC Result 2017 online is the best for all information. You can get your mark sheet from the online method.

Higher Secondary Certificate(HSC) result will be published after the 60 days from the last examination. All the students can get their result from the official website of Bangladesh Education Board. Most of the students are worried about their results. On the result publication day, students can't get results within in a short time. For this reason, they are facing many troubles and problems. Please don't worry, we are here only for you. Our website www.EduJagatBD.Com is an Educational website. We provided all kinds of results like PSC, JSC, JDC, SSC, Dakhil, HSC, Alim, National University Results and others. You can find all kinds of educational information from our website. Our website is made with a simple design and navigation. So buddy, don't worry we are now sharing all the ways to get HSC Result 2017.

How to get HSC Result 2017 Bangladesh Easily!

Bangladesh Education Board authority published the results in different ways. You can check your results from three different methods. We are now writing about all the process to get HSC Exam Result 2017 easily. The official website of Bangladesh education Board is It is the root of all the public examination of BD Result 2017. You can easily check your result by putting some information on the system.

If you are an HSC examine. You can chek your results by three different methods or process. Now we are briefing all the process below.

You can HSC Result 2017 by Following these methods:

  • HSC Result 2017 By SMS 
  • HSC Result 2017 By Online/Internet 
  • HSC Result 2017 By Android App (BD Result) 

HSC Result 2017 By Short Message Service (SMS)

Bangladesh Education Ministry published the result in Mobile SMS system. This process is totally handled by Teletalk Bangladesh. SMS system is most popular in Bangladesh. Because most of the students have a Mobile Phone. They can use their mobile phones fro getting HSC Result 2017 or Alim Result 2017. You can easily check result by following the process. We will give you all the process to get results only for you!
HSC<space>DHA<space>Roll No<space>2017 send to 16222
Example: HSC DHA 536536 2017 and Send to 16222

HSC Result 2017 By Online/Internet

Students of HSC examination 2017 can get their result from the easiest of all the methods. The online system is the best for getting HSC Result 2017. In this process, you can get your result by putting some information according to your Admit card & Registration card. Nowadays Online is the most popular than other systems. Because most of the students of Bangladesh have a smartphone, laptop, and computer. By using this device you can easily find your result using the internet. Now we are writing about all the process to get HSC Result 2017 By Online. There is about Ten education Board in our country. All the education board published the HSC, Alim result from their website. Now we are giving you all the Education Board Website links and the First Three letter of the Board.

Dhaka Education Board -DHA
Rajshahi Education Board -RAJ
Chittagong Education Board -CHI
Jessore Education Board -JES
Comilla Education Board -COM
Barsiahl Education Board -BAR
Dinajpur Education Board -DIN
Sylhet Education Board -SYL
Madrasa Education Board -MAD
Technical Education Board -TECH

You can also check your HSC Exam Result 2017 from your Education Board official website. We have linked your board URL in the above information. Now we are briefing about the Official website of Bangladesh Education Board It is fastest ways to get results. So let's start
  • Selet HSC/Alim/Equivalent option 
  • Select the exam year 2017 
  • Then select your Board Name 
  • Type your Roll No 
  • Type your Registration No 
  • Answer the Math question 
  • Then hit the Submit Button 
  • And Enjoy your results of HSC Examination 2017! 

HSC Result 2017 By Android Apps

Teletalk Bangladesh has published an Android Application for all the public examination results of Bangladesh Education Board. Now students can check their results from their Android Mobile Phones. It is also a most popular system for getting results online. You can chek the Android Apps from Google Play Store. The apps name is "BD Result". By installing this application on your mobile you can get results by putting some information. After submitting all the information you will get your results easily.

Thank you fro being with us. Visit our website www.EduJagatBD.Com for all kinds of education information, Results, Routine in Bangladesh. If you face any problem to get result fast. Please let us know, we will help you for getting results. For more update and news visit our Online Education Portal regularly.

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National University Honours 1st Year Result 2017

Are you looking for Honours First Year results 2017 session 2015-2016? Don’t worry, today we will share with you the way to get Honour’s st Year Result 2017. The National University of Bangladesh is the largest University of our country. All the results under this university are publishing on the Official website of National University(NU). The website is You can easily check your results from this website. The Honour’s First Year results will be published soon. We hope that you give a good exam. So please don’s worry for your results, In this post, you can easily check your desired results. So let’s start.
National University Honours First Year Result
National university Honour’s First-year exam session 15-16 was started from the date of 6th February 2017. In this article, you will be able to get honors results for 2015-2016 sessions. The National University results in publication authority not published the date of Honour’s first Year result 2017. When the authority will publish the date, we will update our post and give you the accurate date of publication.

National University 1st Year Result 2017 www.NU.EDU.BD

National university First Year session was started on 06th February 2017. The session will be closed on 14 March 2017. Every year a lot of student’s are participating in Honour’s First Year Examination. They are attending from various college or Institute under the Nation University of Bangladesh. The authority of National University published the results for all the students under the University. Student’s can easily find their results from the Official Website of National University, which is You can also check an another website for all kinds of information about National University, which is If you are an examiner of the 2015-2016 session and looking for your results, then you can check the results from here.

Honours First Year Result 2017

The National University of Bangladesh is one of the largest University in our country. The results publication authority will publish the results within a short time. You can check your Honours 1st Year results after publishing the results from the www.NU.EDU.BD. It is a great opportunity for all the NU student’s is the results publication authority published all the results within a very short time and students can check their results from the official website of National University. All the results of National University are publishing in the website like Degree Result, Honours Results, Masters results, Ph.D. and other examination results from this web portal. You can also check the National university Results from our website (www.EduJagatBD.Com). Our website is all about Education Information, Results, Admission Information, Notice, Job Circular, Examination Routine etc.

How to get Honours First Year Result 2017 www.NU.EDU.BD

I hope all the student’s of National University who are in Honour’s First are worried about their results. Please don’t worry, we are only for you. In this article, we will share with you the process to get Honours 1st Year Result 2017 without facing any problems and hassle. to find your results you need some information from your Admit Card. Now I’m describing all the requirements to get First-year result 2017 National University easily.

  •      Go to
  •     In the left Side, you will find “Honours”
  •     Click on the Button
  •     Then select “1st Year”
  •     Type your “Roll No/Registration No”
  •     Then type “Exam Year”
  •     Give the “Captcha” code correctly
  •     Finally, Hit the “Search Result” button
  •     In the pop-up page, you will get your desired “Honours First Year Result”

Let’s Enjoy friend. If you face any problem to get Honour’s First Year Results please give a comment in the comment box below. We will try to resolve this problem. If you think this post is essential for you, please don’t forget to Like, Comment & Share this post with your friends. Thank You guys for reading this article. Keep an eye on our website for more updates and information.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Tree Plantation & Globalization HSC Paragraph Writing

Dear Buddy, welcome to EduJagatBD.Com website. Today we will share with you about an important topic. Most of the Student’s of Bangladesh are looking for a High-Quality Paragraph, Composition, Letter Writing, Application writing for their SSC, HSC and University examination. Today we will share with you a trending Paragraph Writing for HSC Examination. The paragraph name is “Tree Plantation” So buddy please read this article carefully. If you want to read in the leisure time, please bookmark our website.

Tree Plantation HSC paragraphWriting

In this paragraph, you will find some question. All the question are about this paragraph. It will be helpful for memorizing. We are describing the question below.

    • What is the importance of the trees?
    • What benefit we get from trees?
    • What are the reasons of our losing trees?
    • What is the relationship among trees and the environment?
    • What should we do to save the trees?


    In the environment, the tree is one of the most important elements. There is the necessity of the trees in our everyday life in many ways. Without trees, man cannot live long on the earth. The fruits provide different kinds of Vitamin to build our body. We get our necessary timber and firewood from trees and forests. On the other hand, the trees contribute lions share to keep our environment balanced. For many reasons the trees are being destroyed, but no one cares to plant a new tree. And, thus, we are inviting the polluted environment. And this pollution causes great harm to the human life for both the born and the unborn. By destroying the tress, we are losing balanced environments as well as our daily requirements provided by tress. Trees provide us with oxygen. And we can’t live even a single moment without oxygen. So, it is true that without trees we are unable to restore our environment and save our beautiful soil. Anyway, to have the ecological balance, we have to plant more and more trees in every bare space of land. The sea-beaches, the low-laying areas, the roadsides should be brought under afforestation. So, it is to be mentioned that tree plantation can have the central role to develop our environment as well as economy.

    Globalization HSC paragraph Writing

    In this paragraph, you will find some question. All the question are about this paragraph. It will be helpful for memorizing. We are describing the question below.
    • What do you mean by globalization?
    • What are the advantages of globalization?
    • What are demerits of globalization?
    • Do you think that globalization can bring benefit to the developing countries?
    • What is your suggestion about the introduction of globalization in our country?


    Globalization is the process of expanding trade and commerce all over the world by creating a borderless market. In the present world, globalization has been introduced with a view to extending borderless market. Through globalization free flow of products, as well as ideas, is possible. Because of globalization, a country can be benefited in many ways including free access to the market, hi-tech information, trade, commerce, cultural affairs, employment opportunities and so many. Mainly the developed countries are highly benefited from globalization. On the other hand, the developing countries are affected, to some extent, because the developing countries lack in modern technology, skilled manpower, and necessary capital. So the developing countries can’t match with the developed countries. The capitalist countries are becoming richer day by day. Whereas, the poor countries are becoming poorer. In the context of developing countries, Bangladesh is affected because of globalization. She can not keep pace with the border-less market and sharp competition created by globalization. For example, Bangladesh has lost its American market for its ready-made garment’s by this because she can’t compete with the industrially developed countries. Globalization has created competition but the poor developing countries like Bangladesh are no match for the industrially developed economic super powers. So the productive sectors of Bangladesh are at stake. However, globalization can be fruitful only if there is a proper balance regarding positive attitudes of all, policy, trade, commerce etc.

    Thank You, buddy, for reading this article. I hope this you will be helpful by following this article. If you face any problems to get any Educational Information, please comment on our website. We will try to give you the best solutions.

    Thursday, April 27, 2017

    NU Honours 1st Year Result 2017

    National University is the largest university of Bangladesh. Every year a lot of students are admitting in National University. The official website of National University is www.NU.EDU.BD, all the result, notice and information are updating in this website. Are you looking for NU Honours First Year Result 2017? Don’t worry today we will sharing with you all the process to get National University Honours 1st Year result 2017. It is the most waited result of National University in Bangladesh. The exam was started from 1st November 2016 to 12th December 2016. The Honours First Year Result 2017 will be published on May 2017. Today in this article we will share all the process to get Honours 1st year result easily.
    NU Honours 1st Year Result 2017

    Honours 1st Year Result 2017 [Session: 2015-2016]

    In this article we are going to share with you the method to get NU Honours 1st year Result 2017. There are two different way to collect Honours First year result. You can collect your result by using Internet or Mobile SMS. Internet or Online is the best way to get result easily. Every result publication day all the server of National University are down due to over traffic. Don’t worry, we are sharing you the easiest way to get result without facing any problems and troubles. All the result of National University are publishing in the official website of National University. The official website of National University is . We hope that if you follow the full instruction that we have described below, you can easily check your result!

    How to get Honours 1st Year Result 2017

    There are two different for checking National University Result. If you are a students of Nu and worried about your desired result. We are saying you don’t worry. Many of the people are sharing a fake news about Honours First Year result 2017. But it totally fake news. If National University Published the Honours 1st Year result 2017, we will update our website and giving you the best user experiment. Now we are writing about all the method for getting NU Honours First Year result. If you have an Internet connection in your mobile or Computer, you can check your result from Internet by visiting the result publication page of National University ( If you don’t have a Smartphone or Computer, you can collect your result from your mobile phone by sending a message. Now we are describing all about this.

    Honours 1st Year Result 2017 By Internet/Online

    We hope that you visited the official website of National University. In the official website of national university you will find a Tab about Result that is the official link for getting all the result of National University. We know that you are looking for NU Honours First Year result 2017. So please don’t worry we are simply describing the method below for you.

    * Step1: Go to the Link
    * Step2: Select “Honours”
    * Step3: Then Select “Honours 1st Year” from the left sidebar
    * Step4: Click on the “Individual Result”
    * Step5: Type your “Roll No or Registration No” carefully
    * Step6: The Type Exam Year “2016” (For Honours First Year Result 2017)
    * Step7: Fill the Captcha Code
    * Step8: Finally Hit the “Search Result” Button
    * Step8: You’re almost done. A new window will show your Full Result 

    Learn How to get Honours 1st Year Result 2017 From Youtube

    We have already published a video on Youtube for you. By watching this video you will learn about “How to get NU Honours 1st Year Result 2017” We have described all the method for getting your result easily. Hope this video will be helpful for you. You can watch the video from below. If you like this video, please subscribe our official Youtube Channel “EduJagatBD”

    Honours 1st Year Result 2017 By SMS

    Mobile SMS system is one of the easiest way to get Honours 1st Year Result 2017. In the result publication day all the server of National University are busy for high traffic. A large number of students can’t collect their result from internet due to server down problem. But if you know how to get result by SMS, you can easily get collect your result by spend 2.50 taka only. We are showing you the message process for getting your result fast. Just follow the method below.

    NU <space> H1 <space> REG Number and Send to 16222

    Example: NU H1 2536536 and Send to 16222

    Most probably NU Honours 1st Year Result 2017 will be published on May 2017. You need to wait until the result got published by National University Result publication authority. When the result will be published you can collect result from our website without any hassle. If you face any problem for collect your result, please let us know in the comment box below. We will try to help you for getting your desired result fast. If you like this post please don’t forget to Like and Share this post to your friends.